The Global Subsea Market

Pick your poison

Some choices are difficult. Think of a painful gash with a sticking plaster over it. What’s worse when you have to pull the plaster off? Fast or slow. Both can produce different forms of pain. The subsea market isn’t getting the choice – it’s the slow option or nothing.

The subsea market has not been in the happiest of places. Change is finally coming. Change is even starting. 2018 appears the bottom of the cycle, and things can now get slightly more positive. But there’s no quick fix. What demand improvements are coming will take time. More like a slow, steady burn. Patience and steady nerves will be required.

There’s still huge equipment oversupply issues to deal with, but at least one side of the equation can show some improvement, even if it is modest. Navigating this phase of the market will really test the mettle of the market participants, from every side of the industry.

The new issue of Strategic Offshore Research’s definitive annual Global Subsea Market forecast goes through all these issues and their implications. This year’s edition has the forecast period extended by three years through 2025 to capture more of the all-important deepwater market cycle.

The report is forthright and direct. All the needless noise and wailing of the industry is stripped away for straight to the point answers. What you really need to know. The report gives you the brass-tacks of where the market is and is going. Being aware of what the issues, risks and opportunities are has never been more vital.

For further details contact Jo Slade at or telephone +44 1224 498020.

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